‘For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the lord, as the waters cover the sea’ -isaiah


Our Vision

Freedom Crusade is an internationally recognized Christian organization based out of the Central Coast, California. Founded in 1982 by originator and director Roger Sachs, the organization has since grown significantly in both members and scope. But no matter the task, the mission of FC has always remained the same: to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ both locally and globally, doing so with the gifts, talents, and resources graciously available to us. Inviting people to experience and embrace the total love of God in Christ via a range of channels home to FC (be it print, video, missions, or local ministry) is our enduring passion and long-term goal.

Our desire is to document and declare this good news every way we can so all believers, new or old, can be encouraged by The Father's on-going story.


…no matter the task, the mission of FC has always remained the same: to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ both locally and globally…


Testimonies with Lasting Impact

When Roger ventured out into ministry many years ago, telling powerful God-stories was his objective. And to this day, telling stories is the heart of our organization. We love people and their stories; we love to hear what God has done and is doing all over the world. The goal of Freedom Productions is to bring to light personal accounts that affirm the reality of God and God’s saving work through traditional and modern forms of print. We believe Freedom Publications has a bright future ahead, and we can’t wait to (continue to) show you what’s in store. Currently, three books are available, with more to come!


Media Productions

We are proud to introduce Freedom Productions, the video and multimedia side of FC. Perhaps no medium is more pervasive, more powerful, more promising than video production in all its forms. In light of this, FC has committed to producing top-quality video content in the very near future, from video blogging and promos to full-length features (including a documentary series currently in the works), with the hope that the goodness of God would be effectively made known in this way too. To accomplish this, we have a growing staff of passionate and talented videographers and editors working hard to bring to life the stories and events we are privileged to represent to a screen near you!


Local Ministries

Those of us here at FC know just as well as any that the people closest to us—in our homes, neighborhoods, and cities—are just as much in need of God as those in faraway places. That’s why FC is committed to local ministries too; and not only to ministries original to us, but also by supporting other local ministries in and around our area, in both Southern California and the Central Coast. As for FC, we are proud to introduce you to our principal local ministry, Pearl Chapel by the Sea—a beautiful mission-style chapel just a few blocks away from the ocean in lovely Shell Beach, CA. Once a week we and others from the area gather to meet for prayer, worship, and a short teaching. Our vision for the Pearl is for it to be a safe haven for all those thirsty and hungry for God, a place where anyone can encounter the living God and experience genuine Christ-like love. Over the years, our Wednesday night meetings have grown to near full capacity. We believe the Holy Spirit is truly doing something special with the Pearl, which is why we will be expanding to a Sunday night service very soon in addition to the Wednesday services. For times, dates, and more general information about the Pearl, visit the website provided below.  

What’s Near You


Behind everything FC does is the call to the Great Commission. That said, FC has been privileged throughout the years to partner with a number of mission organizations and churches around the world, as well as organize and fund a number of our own mission trips, traveling to countries such as Mexico, England, South Africa, Zambia, New Zealand, and South Korea. But this is only the beginning. We know God’s heart is for the nations, and so should ours be too. In the coming years, a big part of our vision for FC is to take it further out into the world for Christ, to places we’ve been as well as to places we’ve never been, to help the poor and weary, and ultimately to disciple people of all tongues and ethnicities regarding the saving love of Christ—so that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

Lonnie Frisbee

Lonnie Ray Frisbee was an evangelist, missionary, artist, and the original "hippy preacher"  of the early 1970s Jesus People Movement. Born in 1949 and raised in Southern California, Lonnie played a key role in the growth of Calvary Chapel with Chuck Smith, as well as Vineyard churches with John Wimber in the early 1980s. Lonnie Frisbee influenced ministers and ministries around the world.

Prior to his death in 1993, Lonnie asked Roger Sachs, founder of Freedom Crusade and a close friend, to ghostwrite his life story. Together, they recorded hundreds of hours of audio and video testimonies to ensure that the stories of God's working would be preserved for generations to come. The Not by Might, Nor by Power book series is the personal, compelling result of their collaboration, covering the life of this powerful minister of the gospel.

More on Lonnie Frisbee

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