For 31 years, we at Freedom Crusade have been involved in missionary work, church planting, prison and rehabilitation ministry, evangelism and so on, in our efforts to participate in The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).  Personally, I have made hundreds of short and long term mission trips and over the years, as an amateur photographer, have taken a closet full of pictures and videos.  I’d like to start sharing some of our adventures from here in the USA, Mexico, England, Africa, New Zealand and several other countries.  I have also had the privilege to work with and film Lonnie Frisbee, Jim Tucker, Glenn Adkins, Jill Austin, and many other very gifted Christian friends, who have all gone on before us.  We would also like to share some of that footage in these video archives.

Many people have asked about Freedom Crusade, and you might have heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  I hope that you can get a sense of our heart and focus from these archives, but mostly I pray that you will be encouraged to step out in faith, and to do something good for our Lord however great or small.  He gave up everything for us!  God bless you!

Roger Sachs

Director/ Freedom Crusade




In this 62 minute video, a small team left Moreno Valley, CA with several trucks, cars, construction tools and equipment, to continue building several projects on a 40-acre Christian ranch and rehab program outside of Tecate, Mexico.  Lonnie Frisbee asked me to bring our team to his house in Poway, CA, on our way to Mexico so he could pray for us and cook us breakfast.  On our way to Lonnie’s house, one of our vehicles broke down on the road and delayed our arrival until mid-morning.  We had a special time with Lonnie that I was able to film, including a much anointed prayer.  Lonnie’s prayer for The Great Commission and our team that weekend is relevant and powerful for each of us even today.  How I miss Lonnie. 

We arrived at the ranch after dark.  They have a generator, but only run it occasionally.  Our ministry helped establish this ranch when it began in 1977, and the Director, Ernesto Hernandez, is ordained through Freedom Crusade.  Ernesto and myself were drug-dealing partners before we became born again Christians, and now we reach out to those who have made many of the same wrong turns that we did.  We started this ranch on donated property, and began the dormitory with a 40-foot tent that we purchased at a Navy Surplus store in Long Beach, CA.  By 1990, with the help of many churches and individuals, we had constructed several buildings on the property.  On this particular trip, we were working on finishing a bathroom, septic system, and other masonry projects, as well as ministering to the men and kids in the program.

I filmed several of the men on the ranch, and I would encourage you to pay special attention to Isiac’s story.  He is a real example of how God can change lives, and with practically no money, use Ernesto’s rehab program to touch hundreds of lives in Mexico and the US.  Sadly, Isiac was killed years later in an accident, but we know where he now lives.  He is with Lonnie and with a cloud of witnesses looking down on us.  Thank you Jesus for making a way for each of us!


Roger Sachs