Endorsements for the ‘Not by Might Nor by Strength’ books


It’s time for a new Jesus movement.

…[Lonnie’s] simple friendship with the Holy Spirit and direct obedience to his voice released the power invasion that undergirded the Jesus movement, its flagship Calvary Chapel, and through the Mother’s Day explosion, birthed the Vineyard movement. In these books, Lonnie’s life is captured brilliantly and intimately from the mouth of Lonnie himself and firsthand testimonies of his friends. If the church wants to see the powerful manifestations and evangelism that we saw during the Jesus movement, then a new breed of evangelist must know the story of Lonnie Frisbee. His life gives hope to a coming generation that God will use deep brokenness to manifest Christ’s greatest glory. We are believing for that which seems unimaginable—that a nation will turn back to God.

— Lou Engle

Lou Engle Ministries



Reading through this second book on Lonnie's life, I am more taken than ever with the incredible anointing on his ministry and the simplicity, sincerity, and even rawness of his story. I have loved learning about God’s work in and through this bold and courageous ambassador of His Kingdom. This story of God's ceaseless favor on his life in spite of Lonnie's pain and rejection is such a paradox. It is also a great invitation that God is extending to us. Lonnie's life is a testimony of God's faithfulness to use “whosoever will…”

— Robby Dawkins

Pastor of the Vineyard Church, Urbana


“God poured Himself out.”

There is a lot of anointing on this book! I had the privilege of being part of Lonnie’s life and ministry. Neither of us could have imagined all of the wonderful things we would see as God poured Himself out. Lonnie was a good friend, father, and Elijah to me. I’m forever grateful.

— Peter Crawford

Lonnie's 1978 missionary partner


“Lonnie flowed with the Holy Spirit...”

As Lonnie's older brother, I had the opportunity to see up close how Lonnie flowed with the Holy Spirit in a real relationship with the Father and the Son of God. Obedience is better than sacrifice

— Stan Frisbee

Lonnie’s Brother


“Improbable people for impossible tasks...”

Sometimes the Lord uses a person knowing that they will be obedient no   matter the cost, and He will use them in powerful ways. Such were the likes of King David, Moses, Smith Wigglesworth, William J. Seymour of the Azusa Street Revival, Jonathan Edwards, and the list goes on. Lonnie Frisbee was one of those instruments the Lord used in mighty ways in the late 1960s to the end of the 80s and beyond. I hope that after reading this book, you will be inspired to say “yes” to the Lord when He calls your name for a task––one that He wants you to complete. My friend with Improbable People Ministries says that God uses improbable people for impossible tasks. That’s Lonnie Frisbee. My wife and I knew Lonnie for many years, through triumphs and     failures. Through it all, his heart and mind was always stayed upon the love of his God and the work of His Kingdom. Enjoy the book!

— Steven Zarit

Vineyard Ministries International General Manager, 1986-1994


"Lonnie...was always reminding us of the need to shine the light of Christ into the dark places of the earth." 

We were blessed to be friends with and mentored by that radical evangelist and missionary Lonnie Frisbee, who was used by God to bring great impartation to our lives. Lonnie’s impact directly influenced our ministry, and we are still preaching in many different and often dangerous parts of the world. When we recently ministered in St. Denis, Paris, France, which has 160 mosques in that one area of the city alone, we remembered Lonnie and how he was always reminding us of the need to shine the light of Christ into the dark places of the earth. God lit that place and the people “Frisbee style,” with Holy Ghost fire to evangelize the region!

-Bryan and Mercedes Marleaux

Founders of Grace World Mission


“I am grateful for Lonnie's sacrifice...”

Every movement of the Holy Spirit has its strengths and weaknesses. Why? God uses man. The Jesus People Movement changed my life forever. I tasted, experienced, and absorbed an entirely new and different culture to Christianity. Lonnie Frisbee was a forerunner and trailblazer of this amazing movement where Jesus Christ was kept central. I am so grateful for Lonnie’s sacrifice and the wake he helped create with signs and wonders following. Blessings to all who read this series of books and become trailblazers as well.

— Dr. James W. Goll

founder of God Encounters Ministries & international best-selling author


“Lonnie carried an anointing of 'electric power'...”

Lonnie Frisbee was a Holy Spirit man who understood the heart and nature of God and one of the most amazing prophetic and apostolic revivalists of our day and age. He carried an anointing of “electric power” that cross-pollinated to many streams and networks of churches, impacting countless individuals in America and the nations. I was privileged to meet and know Lonnie for a brief period of time in my life as a young adult, but what he imparted to me was life-changing! I accredit much of what I know and understand in power gifts of miracles and healing to my time of impartation with this 20th century legend. Lonnie truly was a man after God's own heart!

— Jeff Jansen

author & founder of Global Fire Ministries International